Our removable toppers are made of high quality Remy hair, of Brazilian origin. Each topper comes complete with clips, for the easy application and removal of the topper. Each topper is handmade uniquely for the customer, allowing you to chose from the following options
•size of base

We have 2 base sizes available….
1)15x15cm, heavy density/thickness. Each topper has a silk and mono base. This is an almost full coverage option and will give your client lots of thickness and volume, this topper can be used on its own or alongside extensions or partial mesh integration. The topper will cover the clients top of her head, hiding any thinning or hair loss.

  • 16 inch – approx weight 85g
  • 18 inch – approx weight 100g
  • 20 inch – approx weight 115g
  • 22 inch – approx weight 130g

2) 6x12cm, light density/thickness. Each topper has a silk base (allowing good air flow). This is a medium coverage option and sits neatly over the clients parting area. It can be used on its own or alongside hair extensions or mesh integration.

  • 16 inch-50g
  • 18 inch-65g
  • 20 inch -85g
  • 22 inch -105g

*Hair Colours / shades may vary from time to time, the shade of hair may also sometimes differ from pictures on the site.

*Closures are handmade for each customer and are non refundable/returnable

*Our Brazilian Remy hair can last upto 12 months with the correct aftercare

*Each batch of hair has been carefully selected and inspected and can be washed straightened and curled.

*14 working days for delivery
Select “custom delivery” at check out, for the delivery option .


Please use colour ring below to make your choice.